Vucji rose wine

Dry rose varietal wine

Even though it is relatively new in our cellar, this wine deserves the epithet of “the beauty of unreal”. Dry rose varietal wine, made from a grape variety Merlot. Unique and beautiful, with an almost unreal pinkish color, fruit aroma and elements of raspberry. Its gorgeous color comes to its fullest expression when poured in a glass, and potability and aroma are characteristics that will “blow you away” from the first sip.

When it comes to Vucji Rose, the love towards wine and art is fulfilled with the label signed by Milenko Buisa, also one of the painters from Sombor. His painting of a lady with a red hat complements the remarkable beauty and mistique of our rose wine.

Vucji rose wine along with fried cheese will give a touch of seriousness even to a casual talk with an acquaintance.

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